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hunt for hearts

February 6, 2011

Is anyone else tired of cutting out paper hearts or making heart garlands or heart-shaped cookies or heart monsters or heart toast or… or… or… oh, is it just me?  Well today I needed something different to do with my kids, but wanted to stay with the whole Valentine’s Love theme (especially since it’s not a huge holiday over here – what the heck?).  What better thing to do than a scavenger hunt that requires absolutely zero prep! Holla!

I had the kids go on a “hunt for hearts” this afternoon, and while my original plan was for them to take pictures of each heart they found with my point & shoot, we quickly learned the batteries were DOA, so I was immediately nominated as the official heart-picture-taker-er.  Or something like that.  Let me just say, this was a blast, something my 3 older kids all loved and all participated, without a single argument.  (that’s huge these days!).  The kids ran all over the house hunting for hearts, and as soon as they found one, they’d call me in to capture their find.  They found over 2o different hearts in our house, none of which included the ones we made.  Just hearts, hanging out, waiting to be found and photographed.  After the hunt was called to a conclusion, we uploaded all of the pics into Picasa and made a collage of all of our hearts.  And since I’m impatient, I wanted to share our collage right away, instead of waiting to have it printed out and framed…



(online) MadLibs

January 23, 2011

Remember MadLibs?!  They were one of my favs from growing up.  We would do them on the bus ride home from school each afternoon, at sleepovers, during recess, etc.  I totally thought they were hilarious, and guess what?  They still are!  I bought my nephew some of the books for his birthday, but recently we came across MadLibs online.  How very 21st century, right?

Visit Education Place here for a super fun (& educational, woot! woo!) game to play.  It’s geared at 3rd grade and up, but let’s face it, the hilarity of the stories is entertaining for all ages!  (They call them Wacky Web Tales, but we all know it’s MadLibs for the 21st century kid)

Here’s one of our examples…

Some Days Are the Worst

What a day this was! This morning before school, my dog broke, and I had to fly all the way to school. Then the teacher announced that we would be having a test next week on 18units of our textbook.

When I was running to the cafeteria, I stepped in fluffy flowers. I couldn’t get thepuddles off my shoes! I opened my lunch sack, and then I realized that I had grabbed my leftover lunch from last week. The only things I had to eat were stale eggs and dry grapes. Luckily, Lucy had some extra stickers, so I didn’t starve!

That afternoon we had gym class. The gym teacher told us we would be digging today, but I’d left my jeans at home. So I had to jump instead.

On the way home from school, I dropped my bag, and all of my jelly beans fell on the ground. At least we had my favorite books for dinner!

It’s been a long day. I hope tomorrow is better. I’m going to put on my special hatstomorrow morning, just in case!


Good old MadLib’n fun!  I love it!



Make Nesting Santa Dolls!

December 19, 2010

Cute, aren’t they? I’m typing this post as ours are printing out right now. They print in color so you cut, fold and glue them together.  Get them here, on

More cute nutter butter “art projects”

December 18, 2010

We had fun with our reindeer – and I’ve seen a lot of people do them without dipping in chocolate. WAY easier, if you ask me.  (But who wants to eat peanut butter without chocolate?!)

Check out these Santa’s from Divine Dinner Party:

I hope I remember to search my own blog archives next year so I can remember to do those.

My Pretty Purse has adorable SNOWMEN.  So smart.  You could even do these in January or February.



Make a Christmas Eric Carle-style book!

December 15, 2010

My 2 year old wanted Christmas coloring pages today, and when I got ready to look online, I had the idea to turn them into an Eric-Carle-style early literacy book.

All the pages start the same:

I went on a Christmas walk, and what did I see?

After the kids color the pictures, we’ll slip them in protective sleeves and in a little binder to help them last a bit longer.

An alternative would be to print the pictures out on cardstock, and then do the activity on a magnetic board like this activity we did this summer.

You could also use these pages to do a Christmas Five Senses book.

I feel the warm candle.

I taste a sweet candle.

I hear the jingle bells.

I see the bright lights.


I got most of the pictures on this site – a goldmine for outlined pictures to use for lots of projects.

Borax Crystal Ornaments

December 14, 2010

This was so fun!  We saw the idea and directions on The Crafty Crow and put it on our December Must Do list.

You put 3 T borax in a jar for EACH cup of water that it takes to mostly fill up the jar.  Stir and stir and STIR and STIR (it took awhile) until the borax is dissolved. 

Make any type of shape with your chenille pipe cleaners.

We then used fishing line to tie the pipe cleaners onto a plastic spoon and have each one swim in its own jar of borax mixture overnight in a cool place.  (See the Crafty Crow link above for detailed how – to pictures.)

We forgot our crystals and they sat for almost 72 hours when we remembered them, which is why I think we have “snowy crystals” on two of our creations.

The one thing to know if you decide to do these (and you should!) is that it will take a LOT of stirring for the borax to dissolve.

They come out looking really neat with crystals attached to the pipe cleaners.

This would also be really fun to do later in the winter, when it’s still icy out, and hang the ornaments in the window attached to suction cups.


Reindeer Cookies

December 13, 2010


The original idea for these cookies came from Family Fun – but I don’t remember them dipping the cookies in chocolate.

We started out by adding a bit of Peanut Butter to the inside of a nutter butter cookie so there is room to fit a popsicle stick inside.  Then we dipped the cookie on a stick in melted chocolate chips, which turned out to be a whole lot harder than it sounds – the sticks kept falling out and mom and dad had to take over.

We put the chocolate covered cookies on foil and let the kids decorate, then stuck them in the fridge to harden up a bit. While taking the reindeer off the foil we had some antler malfunctions, as you can see above.

The original idea also called for a dot of white frosting topped with mini chocolate chips for eyes, but we just used what we had. 🙂