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Simple Message Board

March 2, 2009

Here is a fun and simple way to *spice-up* a message board!

We started by tearing small-ish pieces of tissue paper (perfect for little fingers to do!). I then painted Mod Podge all over an old picture mat I wasn’t using, and the girls covered the mat with the tissue paper pieces. When they were satisfied with their work, I then covered the entire mat with another coat of Mod Podge. Let dry for about 45 minutes, then turn over and Mod Podge the pieces to the back that are hanging over (don’t worry, you won’t see the back).

I found a magnetic white board on clearance at Target for $4.68, and it just happened to be the right size (11″x14″). Score!

Next step was to remove the pen holder at the top of the white board (it was in the way of our frame) and then hang the white board to the back door where we will see it everytime we go somewhere. I used the double-sided foam sticky tape that came with the board. I also had some dry erase markers that were attached to magnets from another random shopping trip.

Attach several pieces of double-sided foam sticky tape around the edges of the white board…

Stick your fancy border to the board, write a little note, and….

A sweet little message board to write special notes.

(My girls were *oh*so*excited* to write a note to Daddy as soon as the board was finished!)

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