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Crafting a Plan

April 2, 2009

It’s usually around 2:30 on any given weekday when my 4 year old says he wants to do “activities”, which is his word for craft projects.  By then, I’m not all with it and already thinking about dinner.  I realized the last time we had a really successful crafting time was in October, when I planned a months worth of activities, made a list of what we’d need, bought it and had everything ready.  Last night I planned for about 6 or 7 projects ahead of time, wrote them down on a spreadsheet (I use Google docs) along with the web link or magazine page to the project (if there is one), and all the supplies we’d need.  Today I found most of the supplies I needed on a Wal-Mart diaper run and a quick trip to Michael’s will get us the rest, and we’ll be in business for a good 2 weeks.

Some of the projects on my list:

Spring Flowers with felt and buttons

Baby Chick (my kiddos need scissor practice, so ours will not look nearly that neat as they’ll be cutting it themselves)

Easter candy carrot (for the kids to give to their teachers)

Plastic Easter Egg wreath (I got 42 eggs in 1 pack for $2 today)

Zoo Animal Masks

Easter Egg Diorama (we did this today – messy but oh-so-fun; kids can’t wait to “pop the balloon” tomorrow)

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