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Family Flag

June 1, 2009


For “Family Week” I wanted to have a couple of activities that actually involved the whole family, not just me and the kids.  So we made a family “flag.”  I used the back of one of those huge poster-sized calendars, wrote our name in the middle, then divided the paper into 5 parts.  Then we each designed our own area of the flag with washable markers.

We did have some rules to keep everyone happy (must-do at our house with a 5, 3, & 2 year old!)…

  1. had to stay in own area
  2. no numbers or letters
  3. designs only

I love how it turned out, and also you can really see the differences in ability between the kids.  Everyone was very happy with how our “flag” turned out, and we all had a lot of fun sitting around the table coloring together, Daddy included!  I now have the flag hanging on the outside of our laundry room door, as yet another sweet reminder of my family.

(for more of our family themed activities, click here)

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