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Family Tree

June 2, 2009

I love me some of the really pretty, artsy family trees (like this one) but wanted to create one with the kids that they could understand and enjoy, too.  We decided to trace our hands and cut them out for the tree shape, and we ended up with a chicka-chicka-boom-boom type tree.

Sometimes it’s harder for me to step back, give up control and get that our crafty projects aren’t going to be perfect!  This is how the kids wanted the tree to look, so this is what it looks like.  I had also started the project thinking we’d have a “mom” side and a “dad” side, with great grandma at the top, the grandparents next, and so on – like a family tree.  But the kids wanted “Aunt Stacy right here” and “Great Grandma right there” – so that’s where they are.  And it’s ok!  We still look at the family tree on our pantry door and they can tell you the family lines.



We did our family tree a little differently (guess that’s what happens when 2 friends live nearly 2,000 miles apart and try to do one idea!).  We love to paint at our house, so we did handprints with fingerpaints for the leaves.  The girls did one color, and when their prints dried, Chasen did his prints in another color.  We then used textured rollers to make the trunk.  Like Julie, I had to let go of some of the control over the tree looking how I wanted it to.  I let the girls cut out our pics and glue them on (it adds character, right?!).  What I really liked about doing a family tree was explaining to my kids how all of those people are our “big” family.  The questions I got were hilarious and entertaining as I tried to explain everything!

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