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Poof-ball Caterpillars

June 9, 2009


Furry, Squiggy, & Fluffy

Let me just say this upfront:  I do not sew.  BUT.  I did manage to sew these cute little guys!

Tie a double knot in your thread, (hand) sew several poof-balls together, going straight through the middle of each ball (I’m sure there’s some fancy word for doing that, but I wouldn’t know).  To tie the knot at the other end, squish the poof-balls a tad, double-tie the thread, trim extra, and gently spread the poof-balls out.  Because of the poofiness, you shouldn’t be able to see the knots.  Add some googly eyes and antennas (hot-glue pipe cleaners).

*Note:  if you’re making these for little ones, like 2 & under, you may want to reinforce the poof-balls with some glue between each one.  A hardy “tug” can make heads, tails, and links fall off b/c the thread is so thin.

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