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puzzle go ’round

July 24, 2009


Usually puzzles don’t see the light of day in our house until the cold Midwest winter moves in.  I don’t know why that is, but they’ve always seemed like a wintery thing to do… dump out the 100+ pieces, all gather around the table with a cup of hot chocolate, while the snow peacefully falls outside.  But then I got to thinking it was such a waste for those puzzles to just sit in the cabinet all summer.  Plus, all 3 kids will be in some kind of school this Fall, and puzzles are a great way to get their mushy brain back in action!

I have mentioned puzzles when the girls are bored, but they always tell me no (I guess they think of puzzles as a winter activity, too!).  So today we did a “puzzle go ’round.”  Basically all I did was take a bunch of different puzzles of different levels and set them up around the house.  Each child chose one puzzle to work on, and I set the timer for 10 minutes.  When the timer went off, they could either choose to switch puzzles (leaving the in-progress puzzle for someone else to work on), or keep working on the same puzzle.

This worked out so well, that I think we’ll do a weekly “puzzle go ’round”, getting out different puzzles each time (yes, we really do have that many puzzles).  The kids were all concentrating and focused, and get this: my house? it was quiet.  I was able to get the kitchen cleaned and still check-in on the little puzzlers.  Fabulous!

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