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Getting ready to say Adios to Summer

July 31, 2009

We have only 3 weeks until school officially starts here, but since my oldest will be in K and K starts a week later, we get four lucky weeks.  We wanted to make the most of each day, so I created a little project:

This sun now hangs on our pantry door, and on the back of each ray has an activity.  We pick a ray each day to get an activity.  I have to admit – I’ve totally rigged what we pick for each day.  It also helps that I wrote in cursive and my kids aren’t readers yet.  😉  The activities are a combination of fun: some are field trips (The Bean Museum, the BYU Art Museum,  the UT Natural Whatever Museum (free day next Monday, FYI), the Ogden Air Force Museum).  Some are art projects – like make a collage with our summer photos, some are fun days like “game day”, and “park day” (how many parks can we go to in a day?).  We also have “camp in the backyard”, “go fishing”, “take a hike”, “Dinosaur Museum”, “Children’s Garden” and other out of the house activities on there.   Most activities are things we’d do anyway, don’t take much (if any) prep, or cost any (or little) money.

I just looked at the sun on the door, and I think I’m going to take off the rays, and then we’ll pull one out of a hat each day, then tape it to the back of the sun.

Are you lamenting the end of summer like me? Or are you ready to get those kids to school pronto?

You can follow all of our Adios to Summer Adventures here.
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