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Paperplate & Yarn Flowers

August 14, 2009


While the hubs and I were in Florida a couple weeks ago, Grandma went to town doing crafts with the kids!  This is just one of many of the crafts they did, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the process.  I’m also just going to re-type the directions she photocopied, which I don’t like to do, but since I wasn’t here for the project, all I have is those directions.  I think she got the project from Family Fun, so hopefully I’m not totally stealing someone else’s idea!

Materials needed:

  • paper dinner plate (any color works)
  • 10-16 feet yarn (depends on how big you want your center to be)


  • To make a yarn flower, first cut an odd number of petals around the edge of the paper plate.  Tape the end of a length of yarn to the back.  Wrap the yarn around the plate, going from one notch to its match across the plate.  Tie the 2 ends together at the back.
  • Next, to make the weaving easier, wind up a bobbin.  Start by anchoring the end of a 5- or 6-yard length of yarn by winding it around your forefinger a couple of times.  Then wrap the rest of the yarn around your whole hand.  When you have about a foot left, carefully pull the wound yarn from your hand.  Wrap the loose end around the center of this yarn a few times and tie it to secure.
  • Find the end of the yarn inside the bobbin and tie it around the intersection of the yarn on the plate’s front.  Weave the yarn around the spokes of the other yarn.  The yarn should pull neatly from the inside of the bobbin.
  • When your blossom is done, tuck the end of the yarn under the woven section.  For a stem, use a stick or dowel and tuck it into the yarn on the back of the plate.



the original directions used yellow plates and yellow yarn (spokes) & brown yarn (center), to make sunflowers.

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