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3-D Pumpkins

October 15, 2009


We did this project with orange construction paper, and it worked out really well (I didn’t have any pumpkiny scrapbook paper).  I traced the circles with bowls, and the girls (5 & 4) did the rest.  It was the perfect activity for them while I made dinner (hint, hint!).

For each pumpkin, you need 6 circles of the same size.  Fold each circle in half.  Glue those halfs together.  Once complete, add a little green stem.  It really is that simple!  You may need to slightly trim the bottom of the pumpkin (once glued) so the pumpkin sits upright.

Ideas:  decorate the house with different sizes, use as props for 5 Little Pumpkins or other books, make place cards, etc.

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  1. November 21, 2009 5:34 pm

    My 3 year old just made one of these, and she loved it! I had her scribble on white paper with all shades of orange to make the pumpkin pieces. That was her favorite part!

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