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fun with Halloween molds

October 16, 2009

Last week I picked up Wilton’s Halloween cookie pan (with my 40% off coupon!) and couldn’t wait to use it.  Being the indecisive person I can be, I just couldn’t justify only using the pan for cookies.  So I made a list of different liquids I could pour into the shapes (to harden or freeze) and came up with the following…

frozen yogurt – I actually don’t recommend this.  Out of the 12 shapes, only 1  actually looked like anything, the rest wouldn’t pop out of the pan and had to melt too much to get out.

finger jello – my kids loved this one!  Use different colors of jello for the different shapes.  Be sure to lightly spray with Pam before pouring in jello.

sugar cookies – what the pan was intended for, and everything worked, everything was cute, and it was fun decorating with fun, fancy frostings!

whip cream (for hot chocolate) – I used Cool Whip (because sometimes I’m lazy), and it didn’t work.  It would do fine with homemade whip cream, just be sure to spray the pan first, then pour, then freeze.

corn muffins super cute idea to serve with a big bowl of chili or soup!  Just be careful – you do not need to cook for more than 4 or 5 minutes.  And also remember that corn muffins poof way up, so you don’t need to fill the cavities much.

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