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Christmas Painting

December 18, 2009

This Christmas painting, hanging in our kitchen, is one I’ve been working on with the kids for a couple weeks.  It’s not done, but we are, and the painting will be good as it is until next year.

We took a 16X20 canvas from Hobby Lobby (2/$7) and painted the entire thing light blue.  Then we painted the kids hands with 3 or 4 different colors of green and made a large Christmas tree with their hand prints.

I was glad we used a few different colors green – I think it made the tree look a lot better.

They LOVED this part, even my 18 month old!  Before we cleaned up, I had them make one more hand print each on the back of the canvas and write their names so we can remember exactly how small their little hands were the year we made this creation.

Later, we used some glitter (that comes fluid, almost like glue) and swirled it around with our fingers in the sky.

After that, the boys asked to cut paper lights and snowflakes to put on the canvas. They cut them out (with the Cricut) and then left me to put them on myself. I used mod podge.

I think the floating tree still needs stuff at the bottom.  A trunk? Presents?  A train?  We’ll find out next year.

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