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“I went walking” story…

September 21, 2010

My 2 year old needs more practice with her colors, and I like my 4 year old to have stories to retell to practice verbal skills. Having kids tell stories is also an activity that really gets them ready to read, too.  We did this activity at our library story time last week, and I came home and recreated it. Even my 6 year old thinks this is big fun! A hit!

The story we tell basically copies this book, we just use a few different animals or different colors (we have an orange cat instead of a black one, and red cow? Have you ever seen a red cow? We left that out.)

These are our animals and colors:

I picked 6 animals we have around here and 6 colors, then found easy outline coloring pages online that I printed off onto colored construction paper (cut down just a bit to fit into the printer).

The story goes like this:

I went walking, and what did I see?  I saw a black cat looking at me!

Just repeat for every animal, putting each of them on the whiteboard (or table or floor) as you go.

My 2 yr old can even tell the whole story by herself. But all of my kids favorite part? When everyone has had a chance to tell the story, we play “what is missing?”

Just take one or two animals away and have them guess what is missing.  They can do this for a half hour (or until I can’t do it any longer!) and love to take turns being the ones to hide the animals, too.

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