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babyfood jar pumpkin

October 4, 2010

My youngest daughter is 10 months old and *hates* babyfood.  I’m not exaggerating.  Maybe I should even say *despises.*  That might be a better word for it.  Anyway.  I had one jar left in the cupboard that I thought I’d try to fool her with.  It was a “sweet potato bake” that I was sure! she’d! love!  HA.  Not even close.  I felt bad (yes, bad) for not only throwing the food out, but the jar as well, and thought there must be something I can do with the jar.  As I stood there staring at the empty babyfood jar, one of my older daughters said, “Can we puh-lease do a project??”  I had it!  A pumpkin!  This jar could totally be a pumpkin!  My mind started racing and this is what I came up with…

Start with an empty and cleaned baby food jar, preferably the short, squatty ones…

Squirt some orange tempera paint inside…

Put the lid on, shake and roll until the entire inside of the jar is covered with paint.

Like this:

Paint the lid with green tempera paint.  Poke a couple holes in the top, and add whatever you can find for a stem.  I was actually hoping for pipe cleaners, but didn’t have any and being that we’re living in England, craft stores are far and few between, so I opted for a green pony holder.  Really, whatever works!

Sweet and simple!


Well apparently the pumpkin that I thought was so darn cute wasn’t cute enough, because I caught my 6 year old transforming my sweet little creation into a (gasp!) jack-o-lantern.  Eh, I guess it’s not that bad, at least she made it smiling at me.



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