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I-can-(almost)-do-it-myself apple cider

October 8, 2010

We were shocked at how much we liked this easy recipe that I first saw on The Family Kitchen. With just 2 (not very classy) ingredients, we didn’t expect much other than a fun fall treat for the kids on a cool early fall night.  But it was GOOD!

My 6 year old loved doing it all himself – besides putting the pot on the stove and turning on the heat.

How to make a tasty, simple apple cider?

Put 1 can of frozen apple juice in a pot, with the required amount of water.  Add in 1/4 cup* of red hot candies.  Simmer on a low heat until the juice is steaming and the candies have dissolved.

– – – – – – –

*The original recipe called for 1 movie-sized box of Red Hots, or 1/3 cup of candies (less than a full box). We thought 1/3 cup of candies left a bit too much of a cinnamon after taste, especially for the kids, but 1/4 cup was just perfect.  Just throw in however many candies your taste buds can handle. 🙂

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