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Borax Crystal Ornaments

December 14, 2010

This was so fun!  We saw the idea and directions on The Crafty Crow and put it on our December Must Do list.

You put 3 T borax in a jar for EACH cup of water that it takes to mostly fill up the jar.  Stir and stir and STIR and STIR (it took awhile) until the borax is dissolved. 

Make any type of shape with your chenille pipe cleaners.

We then used fishing line to tie the pipe cleaners onto a plastic spoon and have each one swim in its own jar of borax mixture overnight in a cool place.  (See the Crafty Crow link above for detailed how – to pictures.)

We forgot our crystals and they sat for almost 72 hours when we remembered them, which is why I think we have “snowy crystals” on two of our creations.

The one thing to know if you decide to do these (and you should!) is that it will take a LOT of stirring for the borax to dissolve.

They come out looking really neat with crystals attached to the pipe cleaners.

This would also be really fun to do later in the winter, when it’s still icy out, and hang the ornaments in the window attached to suction cups.


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