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(online) MadLibs

January 23, 2011

Remember MadLibs?!  They were one of my favs from growing up.  We would do them on the bus ride home from school each afternoon, at sleepovers, during recess, etc.  I totally thought they were hilarious, and guess what?  They still are!  I bought my nephew some of the books for his birthday, but recently we came across MadLibs online.  How very 21st century, right?

Visit Education Place here for a super fun (& educational, woot! woo!) game to play.  It’s geared at 3rd grade and up, but let’s face it, the hilarity of the stories is entertaining for all ages!  (They call them Wacky Web Tales, but we all know it’s MadLibs for the 21st century kid)

Here’s one of our examples…

Some Days Are the Worst

What a day this was! This morning before school, my dog broke, and I had to fly all the way to school. Then the teacher announced that we would be having a test next week on 18units of our textbook.

When I was running to the cafeteria, I stepped in fluffy flowers. I couldn’t get thepuddles off my shoes! I opened my lunch sack, and then I realized that I had grabbed my leftover lunch from last week. The only things I had to eat were stale eggs and dry grapes. Luckily, Lucy had some extra stickers, so I didn’t starve!

That afternoon we had gym class. The gym teacher told us we would be digging today, but I’d left my jeans at home. So I had to jump instead.

On the way home from school, I dropped my bag, and all of my jelly beans fell on the ground. At least we had my favorite books for dinner!

It’s been a long day. I hope tomorrow is better. I’m going to put on my special hatstomorrow morning, just in case!


Good old MadLib’n fun!  I love it!



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