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hunt for hearts

February 6, 2011

Is anyone else tired of cutting out paper hearts or making heart garlands or heart-shaped cookies or heart monsters or heart toast or… or… or… oh, is it just me?  Well today I needed something different to do with my kids, but wanted to stay with the whole Valentine’s Love theme (especially since it’s not a huge holiday over here – what the heck?).  What better thing to do than a scavenger hunt that requires absolutely zero prep! Holla!

I had the kids go on a “hunt for hearts” this afternoon, and while my original plan was for them to take pictures of each heart they found with my point & shoot, we quickly learned the batteries were DOA, so I was immediately nominated as the official heart-picture-taker-er.  Or something like that.  Let me just say, this was a blast, something my 3 older kids all loved and all participated, without a single argument.  (that’s huge these days!).  The kids ran all over the house hunting for hearts, and as soon as they found one, they’d call me in to capture their find.  They found over 2o different hearts in our house, none of which included the ones we made.  Just hearts, hanging out, waiting to be found and photographed.  After the hunt was called to a conclusion, we uploaded all of the pics into Picasa and made a collage of all of our hearts.  And since I’m impatient, I wanted to share our collage right away, instead of waiting to have it printed out and framed…


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    I have a question for you? If you could email me at that would be awesome.

    Thank you

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